Participations, Collaborations, Commisions & Portraits 

This are something Jennie has received a lot assignments for.

She has also donated some art for charity...

Here are a small selection of all she has done!

Do you have an office, a hotel, a hairsalon, restaurant, or else and want

some fine art in your business?

To ask for collaboration or other questions according

to work with Jennie, send a message here

Collaboration CacaoCenter & Ava J Holmes
Restaurant Babas
Em Tempo magazine
Em Tempo Magazine
Commission Cassianne Barbosa
Certificate Participation
Van Gogh Art Gallery
Virtual Exhibition
A tribute gift


I am so happy to present that this autumn i will start collaborate with this fantastic flower shop that is a little out of the ordinary. They have so many beautiful flowers, pots, vases and other things. Some of my works will be exhibited with them....

"Flower shop Gardeco, your shop for all occasions!

It is with pride and joy that I, together with my strong team, can satisfy all our customers' wishes every day. With us, the customer is always in the center and it is with great commitment and interest that we help with both flowers and decor. It is a privilege and a wonderful feeling to be involved and create for both joy and sorrow.

We are passionate about beautiful things and are constantly looking for new products and inspiration to be able to realize your wishes"

More about Gardeco


Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something!

In 2020, Jennie began a collaboration with Ava. J. Holmes and Cacao Center located in Puerto Maldonao, Peru.

3 paintings were created with the purpose that the motifs will be sold as Fine Art Prints in their Cacaoshop. The proceeds go in full to the conservation of the Amazon's animals and plant kingdom.

A later agreement was made with Sam Zwicker at the Hoja Nueva research and wildlife reintroduction center,              Las Piedras region of Madre de Dios, Peru.

Two of the motifs are sold in their shop, where all proceeds go in full to the conservation of the rainforest.

Below you can see the motifs, products and links to both organizations!

Cacao Center

"Cacao Center opened in October 2019 with the mission of supporting local farmers and artisans through our conscious cafe and center of education on Amazon culture and conservation. We are temporarily closed due to quarantine.

Why cacao? Other than the obvious (chocolate is bliss), cacao is one of the leading causes of agricultural deforestation on the planet, particularly here in the Amazon.

Our long term goal is to only serve sustainably grown cacao, meaning cacao that does not follow slash and burn of the rainforest, heavy use of pesticides or soil degradation.

By supporting small scale farmers now, we are building long lasting relationships with them and offering to buy sustainably grown cacao at a higher price point"

Hoja Nueva research and wildlife reintroduction center

"Hoja Nueva is a dynamic 501(C)(3) non-profit (EIN: 47-4323459) working in the remote Las Piedras region of Madre de Dios, Peru.

Hoja Nueva’s mission is to confront deforestation and defaunation in the Peruvian Amazon. To accomplish this, we aim to strategically acquire conservation lands and create corridors, build capacity within remote and indigenous communities through one health and alternative income opportunities, implement rigorous scientific research, and rescue, rehabilitate and reintroduce threatened species to the wild.

Hoja Nueva also works with migrant communities that practice large-scale slash and burn agriculture, which diminishes biodiversity by causing habitat destruction and fragmentation. Hoja Nueva’s sustainable cacao agroforestry farms mitigate the environmental impact caused by these practices, empowering migrant farmers to transition to sustainable practices and obtain fair wages.

In an effort to expand our wildlife rescue and reintroduction endeavors, we have partnered to create our sister organization and new rescue center, Wild World Initiative. Wild World will be based out of our 1,500 hectares of patrolled rainforest located far up the Las Piedras River, where we will scale and upgrade our infrastructure to rehabilitate and reintroduce wildlife with greater efficacy"

Click on the pictures to get to each product


Via a Live broadcast on July 8 at 20.00 on

Nordic Art Guide's Instagram page the vinner was announced!

I am so Happy & Grateful to tell you that i was one of the 5 finalists. 

63 artists was participating so i couldn`t ask for more...

Thank you very much for your votes!🙏

Congratulations to

Mathias Frykholm 

with his "Du Sköna",

which will cover the Nordic Art Guide 2021/22

Read  more at:

or on



Jennie was invited from Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid,to participate through them at the

Art Fair Luxembourg in september 2020!

This is one of the largest Art gathering in the world. 

Open to galleries and artists, the art3f concept, favouring a direct connection between new European creation and art lovers, is widely supported by the public. 

Here you can read more about The art3f

Art Fair Luxembourg 2020
Art Fair Luxembourg 2020
Art 3f
Jennie by her artworks
view of Art3f
Jennie & Luciano, Van Gogh Art Gallery at Art3f
View at Art3f
View at Art3f
Facemasks with the print of the participating artworks
View at Art3f