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Colour my Horizon
Art By Jennie

Having found this artistic vein in me is absolutely fantastic and since then I would never be able to live without my painting…

"To Paint Is To Breathe" is my own slogan and saying that describes what painting is to me ... I am in my own world when I create. There I can breathe, feel calm and have free play and access to my inner emotional life!

My inspiration comes from everything that makes me feel something strong. Journeys, nature, persons I meet, an experience or simply an inspiring film ...

Lately, my second passion for travel and places I have seen more and more influenced me to want to paint all the views that have given me inspiration.

During the years from 2007 until today, we have traveled to 13 different countries and about 18 different places!

I have also always been attracted to painting women and I like to get caught up in the details! I love working to bring out a depth and a feeling in facial expressions!

Today I mainly use oil and prefer to paint in a larger format. I am passionate about constantly taking new paths in art and would like to create series in different themes!

A special technique that I came up with during my artistic journey, I call my "Wallpaperart". Here I use carefully selected wallpapers as "background". Based on that, the motif and different effects emerge, through coloring in different shades and details! The finished result is completely unique and gives me a feeling that this is my very own way of painting!

Do not hesitate to contact me whether you want to order,  just leave a comment or ask something about my art…

You are so welcome!

Take care /

LOVE/ Jennie ❤


In June 2021, Jennie participated in a major interview for the online magazine 123 Art Magazine. A six-page in-depth interview where Jennie talks about her journey and her art. If you want to read the article, follow the link here:



Now you can listen to the interview of Jennie

 by Steve Olsson at Malmökanalen.

The interview was made in July during the exhibition at Teaterhotellet Malmö Sweden.