At Konstlobbyn you can find several of Jennie's art as

Fine Art Prints in the finest paper quality

These 16 motifs are available in a variety of sizes

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About Konstlobbyn

"Konstlobbyn has gathered colorful artists under one roof. We let everyone show their art, regardless of what education and experience you have from the art world.

The company's most important:

Konstlobbyn Artshop - Webshop with original and Fine Art prints.

Konstlobbyn Member portal - Is a place for artists who want to showcase their art to potential buyers, galleries and an opportunity to inspire the spirit of artists with their works.

Flying Art Gallery - Physical exhibitions, workshops and PopUp´s"


If you want to order prints of one desired motif,

you can just write a message to Jennie here

The sizes to choose between:

20x30 cm

30x40 cm

40x50 cm

50x70 cm